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Appetite suppressant

Discover Vyneherb's herbal appetite suppressant, redefining wellness by curbing cravings naturally. Experience controlled appetite, boosted metabolism, and a path to holistic well-being.
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Experience nature's gentle, yet effective remedy with Vyneherb's herbal laxative pills, delicately restoring inner balance while providing reliable relief.
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Why we built VYNEHERB

To redefine nutraceuticals by pioneering the blend of natural herbs and modern nutrients.


Appetite Suppressant

Appetite Suppressant

Aids in reducing appetite, enhancing metabolism, and controlling obesity while burning calories and body fat for effective weight loss.


Aids in softening stool, facilitating easier elimination, and promoting regular bowel movements, while helping you gain regularity for enhanced digestive well-being.

User Reviews

In the AM, I grab a basic breakfast like a banana and pop my meds. It seems that taking the meds 1-2 hours before a meal is most effective otherwise they won't work as well. No cap.
VyneHerb products are straight-up fire for weight loss! I've dropped 15 pounds in less than three months and kept it off. They might cost a bit more, but the results are so legit.
This is my third time ordering. It helps me stay on point with my weight especially when I take it before Aunt Flo pays a visit, it totally kills my appetite. It's a real game-changer!
Penny Riesgo
I battle with binge eating disorder and struggle to keep my appetite in check. But vyneherb products came in clutch and gave me the support I needed. It really helped me out for real.
Amy Youj
I gave it a shot for a whole month, and I liked it so much that I kept buying and taking it. It's super convenient to take, doesn't leave me feeling drained, and suppress my appetite.
The appetite suppressant effects are next level! This product seriously helped me alot to manage my weight and while I'm on them, I can't even find a single thing to complain about.
Agnus Posey
This VineHerb product has been a real help for my weight management. I've dropped around 7lbs while using it to maintain my weight. Plus, it's so convenient and easy to carry around.
I used to deal with major constipation, but ever since I found VineHerb, I can't imagine life without it. It's my go-to for getting relief from constipation. I'm absolutely loving it!
Corah Ra
The results are straight-up mind-blowing. I shed a crazy 6lbs in just three days after starting Vyneherb. I was amazed at how fast that weight melted away. It's insane!
When I go all out and overeat, I reach for vyneherb to help me bounce back. It's portable AF and It's perfect for those days when I go a little too wild with indulging.
Viv Growell


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